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Daniel Zhang – Artistic Director As the Artistic Director for Liya Dance, I feel privileged to be at a place where there is a tradition of excellence in teaching the art of dance.Now more than...
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About Us

Liya Dance About Us

Liya Dance is a purposeful bonding of respected professionals who are also first-rate teachers, dedicated to sharing. We are bound by a common belief: A complete education is more than academic achievement. The more fluid, more creative side of an education is art, which celebrates and enhances life itself.

We were brought together by the vision of a woman named Liya, who understood that the wonder of art—of dance, painting, drawing, music, writing, theater—begins in early childhood and gives us wings throughout our journey. It is the expression of our hearts, giving purpose to what we do with our lives. Liya shared this understanding, this gift, with loved ones.

Liya Dance was created in Liya’s spirit by those who learned from her. We are here to help you with your own artistic journey of discovery.

Liya Dance is about complete education, the enjoyment of life and what you make of it. It is about Liya’s gift.




我們這一群狂熱投身藝術教育的工作者會聚集在一起,來自於一位名為麗雅女士的啟迪。麗雅女士深信藝術的美好與魅力,無論以舞蹈、繪畫、音樂、寫作、戲劇、攝影 任何一種表達方式,都必須開發源於幼年時期的培養。深植於心的陶成,給了我們一生足以遨翔的翅膀,為我們奠定一生賴以追求的意義與目標。麗雅願將這個體認、這個禮物送給你愛的人。

麗雅國際表演藝術基金會 幫助您完成您個人藝術之旅的探索,享受生命的悸動與沈澱,沖激你的潛能、開發一個你渴望認識卻陌生的自己。這是麗雅女士給我們的禮物

Chinese New Year 2017
Chinese New Year 2017
Celebrating Chinese New Year 2017 with a special dance performance. Gallery Video Fan Dance   Chicken Dance  
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Winter Recital 2016
Winter Recital 2016
To celebrate this year's Holiday Season and appreciate our hard-working students, we are glad to announce that our Liya Dance Winter Recital 2016 will be...
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Liya  Dance Magical School
Liya Dance Magical School
We are proud to announce, that of our latest production, “Liya Magical School”, a self-made dance-drama directed by our instructors, Daniel Zhang and Jean Gao,...
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